Body Paint- Do It Yourself For Less!

Body Paint – Do It Yourself For Less!

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Now, Painting your car the way you want has never been easier!Body Paint

Finally take the guesswork out of the Body Paint process for yourself with this guide!

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Body Paint

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Body Paint

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Body Paint
Body Paint


Wouldn’t you like to know
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What is a collision repair technician?

First of all, collision repair technicians are knowledgeable in the field of auto body repair. Secondly, they possess necessary skills to perform related repairs and custom refinishing according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Thirdly, collision repair technicians fix damaged bodies and body parts of automotive vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, buses, campers, and trailers. Due to damage, they:

  • Firstly, estimate the cost of a repair job
  • Secondly, pound out small dents with a hammer, pick hammer, or punch
  • Thirdly, straighten bent or twisted frames/Weld metal parts
  • Lastly, work in adverse noisy/dirty environments

Additionally, they

  • Remove parts to gain access to vehicle body and fenders
  • Remove, repair, or replace fenders, doors, or other body parts

Also, they

  • Fill damaged areas with solder or plastic body fillers
  • File, grind, sand, and smooth filled or repaired surfaces

Furthermore, they

  • Refinish with a primer coat, sand and paint with a finish coat
  • Aim headlights and align wheels.

Where are they employed?

Most importantly, there is a need for skilled collision repair technicians! Because every reputable auto body repair shop, new car dealership and custom refinishing business employs them, work abounds! Another reason to learn these skills!

What is the average salary?

As a result, earnings depend on the size, type, and location of the employer and on the individual skill of the worker. Almost all auto body helpers and trainees generally receive a straight hourly wage. Some earn an hourly wage, commissions on work, or a combination of both.

Who would enjoy it?

Most significantly, one should enjoy fixing and repairing objects, and not mind being indoors or in a garage all day. Additionally, they should be able to look at flat drawings and visualize how they would look as solid objects, as well as be able to see details in objects or drawings. Importantly, one should be able to perform a variety of duties which may change often, while working with a minimum amount of supervision. Importantly, someone in this field should also be able to rate information using standards that can be checked. Consequently, technicians recognize slight differences in shapes or shadings and work math problems well enough to figure cost-time estimates as well as work within precise limits or standards of accuracy.

Mostly, workers in this field labor in auto repair shops in or near metropolitan areas and large cities. Typically, others worked in auto manufacturing, dealerships and government agencies.

Most  Auto Body Repairers enjoy steady work.